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An in-depth technical review of your journal article

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Our Scientific Editing Service is designed to provide you  with the guidance you need to deliver a comprehensive, well-articulated journal article, ready for submission. Our experienced reviewers will undertake an in-depth evaluation of your manuscript, offering advice on everything from key reporting requirements related to study design, to the strength and positioning of your research argument

Features and Benefits:

Advice from three industry experts on how to improve the quality of your journal article and increase the chance of acceptance in your target journal.

Our full premium English Language editing service to correct any grammatical issues and improve the readability of your manuscript.

Technical review of your manuscript, including statistical analysis and study design reporting requirements, highlighting any major issues that are likey to be flagged by journal peer reviewers and editors.

A free similarity review report to identify language that could be flagged as accidental plagiarism and ensure that any previous studies are properly cited, including your own work.

A development edit, offering recommendations on strengthening key arguments and improving the communication of your research findings.

Ongoing support including cover letter creation, 12 months of unlimited re-editing, response letter review, and journal formatting support.

Who edits your manuscript

You will receive feedback from a team of three qualified scientific editors with experience relevant to your field. Your review team will include:

Professional reviewer

Our reviewers are well-versed in the submission process, with experience reviewing for high impact journals in your field. They will provide a detailed critique of your manuscript, highlight problem areas likely to be flagged during editorial assessment and peer review, and suggest areas for improvement.

Senior science editor

A senior science editor with over 20 years' experience will edit your manuscript for language, grammar, correct terminology, native English tone, paper structure, flow, and overall presentation to meet international journal standards. They will also ensure consistent and appropriate citation and reference format.

Experienced managing editor

A Taylor & Francis Editing Services managing editor will review your manuscript for quality assurance purposes. They will consolidate feedback, prepare the final files, and ensure your article is correctly formatted and ready for submission in your target journal

Why choose our scientific editing

Scientific Editing is a one-stop solution to help you convey your research findings effectively

Receive comprehensive feedback and support from experienced reviewers and senior editors with relevant industry experience. Improve the strength and positioning of your research argument and increase the likelihood of publication in high quality journals.

A Scientific review report that includes a detailed technical review and developmental suggestions as well as full premium language edit to correct grammar, tone, terminology and improve the overall structure and flow of your journal article.

Frequently asked questions

QA . What training do your editors and writers receive?

All our manuscript editors and writers go through the Basic Editor Training (BET) program that comprises 5 standard modules and various customized programs. Our medical writers receive specific training in ICH-GCP, CONSORT, and ICMJE guidelines. In addition, all our editors also receive intensive English language training. They attend external training programs and workshops that offer updates on grammar, punctuation, and style for America and British English.

QA. What is the post-service you offer for edited manuscripts?

As part of Scientific Editing Service, we offer the following post-service support: Free Unlimited Q&A with the editor, Free re-editing support for 365 days if your revised manuscript meets all of the following conditions: The revised document should be submitted for subsequent rounds withing 365 days of the delivery date of the original document. The document for which you are requesting free re-editing support should be the same as that submitted in the first round of editing. In case we notice a sizable portion of new content in your revised document which was not edited by us originally, we may charge an additional fee for those sections.